paint me a rainbow

She's like heroin.

Im Rausch der Gezeiten

Where has my heart gone?


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Liebe Hand in Hand Monster Endstation Scherbenweg R.I.P

I know you’ll hate my other side -
The one I cover and try to hide.

Please don’t try to change me,
I can’t be great.
This girl’s a monster
Only Frankenstein could create.

As much as I try, I can’t avoid
The ticking clock, this buzzing noise.

I want to suppress it to keep it inside,
but I know it’s still there, I know it’s alive.

I want you to love me,
I want this to work,
but endless washing won’t help:
I’m made of dirt.

The girl you wrongly thought was me,
is just an illusion -
Just what you see.

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